Is Obama A Fraud

Yes. I can prove it. Its Easy. He has a picture of a certification of live birth from Hawaii on his web site. Obama has provided no documentation of any kind to prove the document he posted on his web site is in fact a certification of live birth. All lawsuits that have asked questions about documentation proving his certificate of live birth have gone unanswered. Ask yourself why? Think of the many possible answers. Ask yourself is obama a fraud. Think of the many reasons why he is a fraud. The number one reason is; obama refuses to provide ANY documentation proving his certificate of live birth is valid. See I told you I could prove obama is a FRAUD!

Read much more here about the FRAUD obama

The Obama File


2 Responses to “Is Obama A Fraud”

  1. Robert J Reichardt Says:

    If obama,s birthcertificate is in Kenya it is not subject to presidential executive order.

    • dually Says:

      Duh? He has sealed his long form “birth certificate in Hawaii”. The point is he was probably born in Kenya then obtained a certification of live birth from the long form original and the long form original has the information stating he was born in Kenya in 1961. According to Hawaiian law this was legal in 1961 as long as the parents were married and residents of Hawaii 1 year prior to obama’s birth. Obama could have been born anywhere outside of the US. What he is hiding is the long form birth certificate information and ANY documentation supporting it. Also it seems at the time of his birth according to law at the time his mother was not able to claim she was a US citizen and we know his father was not. Just look up the law at the time in 1961 and you will see his mother just missed the qualifications to be declared a citizen. I know this sounds funny but just check it out.

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